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Rewards Program


We are very well aware of the fact that to maintain our clients, we have to have a sense of surprise and a whole lot of creativity to whatever we introduce, which is why our ideas are always talk-of-the-town. We at Mahogany Fair believe it is our duty to provide our Clients with a Value Added Service.

About us:

We commenced as a fashion icon providing the most supreme collection of men and women clothes, ranging from a wide variety of casual to formal. Whatever the occasion was, we had perfect attire for any day and still do.

Our ladies summer collection includes a range of club dresses, blouses and trendy shirts, necklines etc and we always give you the option of choosing in colors.

For the winter collection we have superlative variety of jackets, sweaters and coats which will make you drool over the beauty of each design. Not only this, but we have a wide range of clothing for men as well, from jeans to T-shirts to slim fit formal shirts, to jackets, hoods, cardigans and sweaters- we have it all.

We have also commenced supplying a range of Children's Clothing.

With our aim to provide the best quality and that too in pocket-friendly prices, we sure make a lot our customers happy.

What makes us different:
Like all other online stores, we also sell our high quality products, but there is something that will make you want to choose us! Not only do we have a wide variety of excellent clothing, but we also have a ‘Rewards Program’. Yes, this program distinguishes us from all the other sites helping us earn an edge in our customers, here you earn points and get discounts likewise. Visit our website www.mahoganyfair.com and when you create a free account, you get an instant 100 points! Yes, it’s that easy! Then you can start shopping, the more points you earn the more benefits you get.

Earning points:

If you’re thinking that earning points is a very tough job to do and it will require a lot of hard work to even manage to earn a reasonable amount, you’re wrong. We give you hundreds of free chances to earn points!

  • If you sign up, we give you 500 Welcome points

  • If you follow us on Twitter, we give you 500 points.

  • If you follow us on Instagram, we give you 500 points.

  • If it’s your birthday, we give you 1000 points, our birthday gift to you!

  • If you share our website on Facebook, you get 500 points.

  • If you share our website on Twitter, another 500 points.

  • If you like our page on Facebook, we give you 500 points again.

  • If you refer us to a friend, we give you another 1000 points as a thank you.

  • If you make an order, we give you 10 points for every $ spent!

    See? That’s how easy it is to earn points and receive discounts and other perks from us. So don’t waste time, try adding maximum points to your cart and shop online with the most amazing clothing store on the Net!

     Points are Not Redeemable for Cash Payments

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